Features of our job board hosted solution

Key features

Jobsoft.io is the simplest way to get your own personalised job board without any technical knowledge.

Immediate setup

No technical setup required. Jobsoft.io empowers you to create your own job board in just five clicks.

No burden

Jobsoft.io takes care of all the maintenance so you are free to focus on your business.

Intuitive interface

Seamless interaction with the admin console to manage your job boards.

Custom content

Ability to add blogs or integrate with social media.

UX without friction

Smooth application process for your clients.

Mobile first class

Intelligent design to make your job board look great on desktop, tablet and phone alike.


Utilising proper semantic markup, automatic sitemap generation, friendly URLs and more to bring your jobs closer to your potential applicants.


Keep full track of the popularity of your job listings.

So why should I choose Jobsoft.io?

Jobsoft.io allows you to create your own job board in less than a minute. Just contact us and enjoy the ride.