Simply Hired is shutting down! We will help you to keep going.

As you could read in the news, Simply Hired is shutting down with all its services.

The business of Simply Hired will cease operations as of June 26, 2016. Accordingly, we will be winding down our Partnership Program and all related platform services prior to this date.
We will be winding down all partner services by June 26th, 2016 ("Service Discontinuation Date"). This includes hosted Job Sites, Job Widgets, API and data feed accounts. Please make arrangements to transition all Simply Hired services prior to this date at which point all services will no longer be available. This includes all functionality hosted Job Site URLs, Widgets, API, Account and Reporting services will be deactivated.

We are here to help!


Transition from Simply Hired to

We will provide a smooth transition from Simply Hired hosted solution. Here is what you can except.

  • Fully hosted job board solution

  • SEO compatibility with your old Simply Hired job board

  • Simply Hired theme to keep your design consistent

  • Backfill job listings from other aggregators to keep your revenues

  • Even better pricing policy


What to do next?

  • Click on the button below and send us a message you are interested.

  • We will help you migrate in a few days and your job board will be live on.

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